About The Movement


Second Chances is a yearlong campaign bringing greater awareness to the issue of recovery. The mission of Second Chances is to provide hope, healing, and restoration to individuals and families struggling. We've all wished for a second chance, a do-over. A way to make things right, or make a different decision. Making a better choice is the basis for Second Chances.

What would you do differently if given a chance? If you'd like to share a post, please send it with your first name only. Your post will be shared with hundreds of others on ARC's digital wall. We also encourage you to share it - and the Second Chances campaign - with your followers on social media. If you'd like to create your own Second Chances red wall, digitally or within your local community, click here.

ARC helps more than 150,000 men and women every year in the U.S. rebuild their lives and reconnect with their families and loved ones. It is the nation’s most successful no-fee, six-month residential program. Everyone is welcome.  Your support ensures everyone has access to spiritual, social, and emotional assistance. Thank you for joining the Second Chances movement as we continue to support those in need - no matter how many times it takes.  To learn more about ARC, or to help a friend in need, click here.