What would you do if you had a second chance?


I would have been more present and asked more questions. -Unknown


I should have started having kids at a younger age. I am going to be the most amazing and attentive mother unlike mine was. -Naples, Florida


I wouldn’t fall in love with him. -Victorville, CA

Timothy Pemberton

I once was a hopeless dope fiend. Now I am a dopeless hope fiend. -Santa Monica, CA

Annette Spencer

Would have been a better mother and supported my children more emotionally, to ensure that they were stable adults.  -Anaheim, CA

Lia Aquino

I would have taken an opportunity with some unknowns instead of sitting in the same place being a perfectionist.  -Los Angeles, CA

Rose Vasquez

I would of loved myself!  -Temple City, CA


Attended a church service with my son -Yorba Linda, CA