What would you do if you had a second chance?

Laraine borek

I would got my depression under control so I would of given my children more of me

Gloria Burd

I wouldn't have taken my beloved husband so much for granted. I would have told him, much more often, how much I appreciate everything he did for me.

Vicki Spears

If I had a second chance I would've raised my kids myself. I would've loved, cared for them and I would have never left them. I would have never left them or made promises I couldn't keep.


Not work, should have been a stay at home mom.


Travel more and take better care of my body and soul rather than throw myself into work and relationships.

Ros N

make lasagna with my grandma


Not spend so much on Uber Eats...my mom used to say "there's food at the house"...she was right...


To have shown and told my friends I really loved them and how much they meant to me