What would you do if you had a second chance?

Rose Mc

I would have been a better daughter to my disabled mother & never use hard drugs! -Phoenix, AZ

Julio grimaldo

Trying to get back on your feet alone, hurts more each time you fail. Doing it with people that care, makes standing possible on your own. -Riverdale, CA


Paint all day and teach others how to paint …. -Santa Monica, CA

Nora Sandoval

I would have been a better Mother to my 22 year old son who now is in heaven -San Diego, CA


It’s never too late for a second chance! This chapter i’ll just call it “meant for more!” More meaningful and enriching relationships that fuel our souls and fill our hearts with more LOVE to spread! -San Diego, CA


I would have studied hard and learn as much as i could when i was in school and not just complying. -Stockton, California


Make the most of it! -Long Beach, CA

Malinda Figg

I should have gone to college right out of high school, instead of waiting until I turned 50! -Berthoud, CO