What would you do if you had a second chance?

Evelyn Hartung

I’m pleased that I have a roof over our heads and God is in control. -San Jose, Ca


I was given a second chance to provide others with the same blessings. -Alturas, California  

Hector Meza

I face the challenges of homelessness, and I'm determined to turn my life around with a second chance. I'm taking steps to secure stable employment by enrolling in schools and programs designed to help. - Los Angeles, California  

Michael Gordon

I have dreamed of a second chance! I would become a productive adult in my community and anywhere. I would feel like I am somebody! I would be a better father-son-brother- and friend!! Give me a chance -Bloomington, California  

Desmond Frierson

If I could get fully established in a home, that would be the greatest 2nd chance ever.  - Las Vegas, NV

Kathy Reclusado

I would love myself more and take better care of myself. - San Jose, CA

Anitra Joy Summers

I would have found out what is available and followed through. -Kingsburg, CA


Second chance…I’ve been given an opportunity to be GREAT! I have two grandchildren. Boy & Girl. I’m present. I’m available & I’m honest. I’m a better listener.